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Utterance 685.

2063a. To say: The waters of life which are in the sky, the waters of life which are in the earth come.

2063b. The sky burns for thee, the earth trembles for thee, before the birth of the god.

2064a. The two mountains divide, a god comes into being, the god has power over his body.

p. 304

2064b. The two mountains divide, N. comes into being, N. has power over his body.

2065a. Behold N., his feet shall be kissed by the pure waters,

2065b. which come into being through Atum, which the phallus of Shu makes, which the vulva of Tefnut brings into being.

2066a. They have come to thee, they have brought to thee the pure waters which issue from their father;

2066b. they purify thee, they fumigate thee, N., with incense.

2067a. Thou liftest up the sky with thy hand; thou treadest (lit. layest) down the earth with thy foot.

2067b. A libation is poured out at the gate of N.; the face of every god is washed.

2068a. Thou washest thine arms, Osiris; thou washest thine arms N.

2068b. Thy rejuvenescence is a god. Your third is a wd-offering.

2068c. The perfume of an ’Iḫ.t-wt.t-serpent is on N.

2069a. A bnbn-bread is in the house of Seker; a leg of meat is in the house of Anubis.

2069b. N. is intact; the ’itr.t-palace is standing; the month (i.e. the moon) is born; the nome lives,

2070a. which measurements have traced. Thou tillest the barley; thou tillest the spelt,

2070b. with which N. will be presented for ever.

Utterance 686.

2071a. To say: Horus has ointment; Set has ointment.

2071b. Horus has taken his eye; he has taken it away from his enemies,

2071c. without Set being a gainer thereby.

2072a. Horus fills himself with ointment;

2072b. Horus is satisfied with his eye; Horus is furnished with his św.t-plant (?).

2072c. The eye of Horus is united with him; its perfume belongs to him.

2072d. Its anger falls upon his enemies.

2073a. N. has ointment; N. fills himself with it;

2073b. its perfume unites with him;

2073c. its anger falls upon his enemies.

p. 305

Utterance 687.

2074a. To say: O N., I have come; I have brought the eye of Horus which is in its heat;

2074b. its perfume belongs to thee, N.;

2075a. its perfume belongs to thee; the perfume of the eye of Horus belongs to thee, N.

2075b. Thou art a ba thereby; thou art a śḫm thereby; thou art honoured thereby.

2075c. Thou conquerest the wrr.t-crown thereby, among the gods.

2076a. Horus comes rejoicing at thy approach,

2076b. as he rejoices at the approach of his eye which is upon thee.

2076c. Behold N., who is before the gods, equipped as a god, his bones assembled, is like Osiris.

2077a. The gods do homage at the approach of N.,

2077b. as the gods do homage at the approach of the dawning of Rē‘ when he ascends in the horizon.

Utterance 688.

2078a. To say: These four grandsons stand up for N.,

2078b. ’Ims.ti, Ḥȝpi, Dwȝ-mu.t.f, Ḳbḥ-śn.w.f,

2078c. the offspring of Horus of Letopolis.

2079a. They bind a ladder for N.;

2079b. they make firm a ladder for N.

2079c. They cause N. to ascend to Khepri,

2079d. he who exists on the eastern side of the sky.

2080a. Its rungs are hewn by Šśȝ;

2080b. the ropes which are on it are made solid

2080c. by means of sinews of Gȝśw.ti, the bull of heaven;

2080d. the uprights at its sides are fastened,

2080e. like the skin of ’Imi-wt, son of Ḥsȝ.t;

2080f. the "supporter of the Great One" is set under it by Śpḥ-wr.t.

2081a. Cause ye the ka of N. to ascend to the god;

2081b. lead ye him to the two lions; cause him to ascend to Atum.

2082a. Atum has done that which he said he would do for N.,

2082b. (for) he binds the ladder for him, he makes the ladder firm for N.

2082c. (Thus) N. is removed from the horror of mankind;

2082d. the arms of N. are not a horror to the gods.

p. 306

2083a. N. has not eaten the d-plant;

2083b. N. has not chewed bdȝ-goose on the first of the month;

2083c. he has not slept during the night, (though) he did not keep watch;

2083d. he ignores his body in one of these two seasons of Khepri.

2084a. The inhabitants of the Dȝ.t have counted their bodies;

2084b. they opened their ears, to the voice of N.,

2084c. when he descends among them.

2085a. "Heavy-is-his-sceptre" has said to them

2085b. that N. is one of them.

2085c. The might of N. is among them like "Great mighty one," who will lead to the Great West.

2086a. The dignity of N. is great in the house of the two lions,

2086b. for the wrong which appertains to N. is driven off by him who drives off evil (’Idr-isf.t)

2086c. from before Mḫnti-’irti in Letopolis.

Utterance 689.

2087a. To say: Geb has raised the eye of Horus, which is Kȝȝ (or, Kȝȝ.t),

2087b. which is over his great kas, which is first of his ordinary kas.

2088a. Thy head (O Eye of Horus) is given (to thee), that thou mayest see Horus who has caused to sit ------

2088b. so that the judgment may take place.

2089a. Isis comes; she has laid hold of her breasts for her son Horus, justified.

2089b. N. has found the eye of Horus.

2090a. (Thou), who has found that eye of Horus,

2090b. to which its head is given, for which a front is made, like the forehead of Rē‘, furious like a crocodile,

2090c. thou hast followed the eye of Horus to heaven, to the śḥd.w-stars of the sky,

2090d. go thou, as one who shall row Horus, with his eye.

2091a. O Shu, thou who bearest up Nut,

2091b. thou hast borne up the eye of Horus to heaven, to the śḥd.w-stars of the sky,

2091c. because Horus sits upon his firm (or, copper; or, brilliant) throne.

2091d. Go thou, as one who shall row Horus, with his eye.


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