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Utterance 684.

2051a. To say: N. ascended at thy ascension, Osiris;

2051b. N. has spoken (with) his ka in heaven.

2051c. The bones of N. are firm (or, copper), and the limbs of N.

2051d. are like the stars, the imperishable stars.

2052a. Given that N. be encompassed, then a great one falls into the hands of N.

2052b. The mother of N. is Nut;

2053a. the father of N. is Shu; the mother of N. is Tefnut.

2053b. They take N. to heaven, to heaven-on the smoke of incense.

2054. N. is purified; N. lives; N. makes his seat like Osiris;

2055a. N. sits at thy side (lit. shoulder), Osiris; N. spits on thy hair, Osiris;

2055b. he will not let him become diseased; N. will not permit him to be bald,

p. 303

2055c. at the mouth of N. daily, at the beginnings (of the feast) of the half months, at the beginnings (of the feast) of the months.

2056a. N. sits at thy side (lit. shoulder), Horus; N. spits on thy hair, Horus;

2056b. he will not let it become diseased; N. will not permit himself to be bald,

2056c. at the mouth of N. daily, at the beginnings (of the feast) of the half months, at the beginnings (or the feast) of the months.

2057. N. is one of these four beings, sons of Atum, sons of Nut,

2058a. who do not rot; N. does not rot;

2058b. who do not decay; N. does not decay;

2058c. who do not fall upon earth from heaven;

2058d. N. does not fall upon the earth from heaven.

2059a. N. was sought; N. is found with them;

2059b. N. is one of them, praised by the bull of heaven.

2060. N. makes his ka arise; N. returns (?); N. strides--

2061a. the good companion makes his ka arise, returns (?), strides.

2061b. N. rests at home, on the under (side) of the body of the sky, like a nfr.t-star,

2061c. at the meanderings of the Winding Watercourse.

2062a. When N. ascends to heaven, give him this formula: "Rē‘ is good each day."

2062b. N. put himself on thy way, Horus of Šsm.t, on which thou leadest the gods

2062c. to the beautiful ways of heaven and of the Marsh of Offerings.


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