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Utterance 627.

1771a. To say: N. is a well-equipped spirit, who asks to be;

1771b. heaven is agitated; the earth quakes

1771c. ----------------------------

1772a. N. was born on (the day of the feast) of the month; N. was conceived on (the day of the feast) of the half-month;

1772b. (for) he came forth with the dorsal carapace of a grasshopper,

1772c. as among that (of) which the wasp bore.

1773a. The two wings --------------------

1773b. --------- two uraeuses. N. was conceived in the night and ascends to Rē‘ each day.

1773c. The chapel is open for him (when) Rē‘ appears.

1774a. N. has ascended on the rain-cloud; he has descended -----

1774b. -------------------- truth is before Rē‘

1774c. on the day of (the feast) of each first-of-the-year.

1775a. Heaven was in satisfaction; the earth was, in joy,

1775b. (after) they heard that N. had put truth [in the place of error].

1776a. ------ protect (or, avenge) ----- N. in his divine court

1776b. with the true decision, which comes forth from his mouth,

1776c. demanded his installation as chief: Two acres

p. 269

1776d. -----------------

1777a. N. is the great falcon who asks to be;

1777b. N. ferries over the sky on four geese (?).

1777c. N. has ascended on the rain-cloud; he has descended ----

1777d. -------------------

1778a. N: is the great falcon, who is upon the battlements (or, cornice blocks) of the house of "him of the hidden name,"

1778b. who will seize the (possessions, or) provisions of Atum for him who separates the sky from the earth and Nun

1778c. -- this N. in all (?) ---- shines.

1779a. His two lips are like those of the male of the divine falcons;

1779b. his neck is like that of the mistress of the nbi-flame;

1779c. his claws are like those of the bull of the evening;

1780a. his wings are like those of him who presides over (his) abode within the lake of his chapel.

1780b. The ḥw (taste) of N. is like the swnw-ḥr.f-wr, who is at the side of him who is, in Nun.

1780c. N. was born at (or, on) the hand of eternity.

1781a. --------------------

1781b. N. [went?] to the field of the glorified;

1781c. his hands fell upon Dbn-wp.wt (him of the twisted horns), north of the island of Elephantiné (ȝbw);

1781d. he has illuminated the earth with his first divine being.

1782a (N. I 168). To the side ----------

1782b. ------------ the [urae]us, the gu[ide], in his first birth.

1782c. He is busying himself with śpd.w nwȝ.t;

1782d. It goes well with N. because of his ba.

1783a. ------------------

1783b. ------------------- wś ’irmn.wt nfr.ś

1783c. The name of N. is made like that of a divine falcon, through which he who passes by it fears;

1784a. because like N. Śmśw is older than nhd ---

1784b. -------

1784c. N. goes to his seat (place?) of (in) the Šsm.t-land;

1784d. that which N. eats comes from the Marshes, of Offerings

1784e. and from the lakes of malachite -------------

1785a (N. I 171). He --- a ka in the body of a hundred thousand ----

1785b. N. conducts Rē‘ into his two boats of mȝ‘.t

1785c. on the day (of the feast) of the end of the year,


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