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Letters between Crowley and Frieda Haris 1941

Rolling Stone Orchard
Chipping Campden Sunday May 11th 1941

My dear Aleister,

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

In reply to yours.

Ala's address is
Mrs. Ala Storey
c/o Miss Elizabeth Hudson
120 East 39th Street
New York
I will telegraph to her. Will you write to Germer.

I return your letter.

The Winged Beetle is at Felix Cross'. I will ask him to post it on first thing on Monday.

Now about the Exhibition.

Mercury is evidently wishing to hold it--
Nicholson, Venn High Street Oxford have offered me their Gallery. I have taken it & am going there on Monday to see them. I found a most superb leaflet advertising an illuminated book called the Haggadah selling at [L]100 & brought out by the Beaconsfield Press. I was so impressed by it that I went to London to see them & found the work was done by the Sun Engraving Co. who were able & wishful to print the cards and the book, but at a price!!!!

Since then I have received many suggestions, impossible to write to you such vague ideas, but the Exhibition may help the cards to sell or subscribers may be found to finance the publication. Now then, I must come & see you, there are matters that I must discuss with you, not write them.

I have had an invitation printed for the General Public, just a card which is at the printers (I have put no name for the artist, I don't want to, something informs me that I am lost if I take credit or publicity in designing the cards as an artist). Please understand this, no one else can.

The catalogue will be sent direct to you but it will be expensive & if we make more than 10% alterations in the proof, it will have to be paid for again.

I have had a wrapper for the catalogue made by the Sun Engraving Co. This will be beautifully printed with the Magician reproduced perfectly as a card, the right size & engraved on it. This will be on the catalogues to be sent out to anyone likely to [be] & charged 2/6 for at the Show. The block for this was so dear that I had to have the Catalogue done more cleaply elsewhere.

I have seen Houghton & I will tell you what he said. Please stay at Torquay. I shall be in London & Oxford till I come on to you & I can't stay with you, as I must come back & get on as you will see--I will telegraph but I expect to get to you on Wednesday evening, if I can collect the Catalogue proof & the 4 princes by then.

The alteration of Abracadabra (Charioteer) & the Taurus Disk card are complete.

Please forgive this brief statement, it is because I know you are so lucid and logical that I can write & tell you I have taken such arbitrary action without consulting you as you will realize this was a moment to say "Snap!"

Love is the law, love under will.

Yours ever,

Frieda Harris

P.S. I have written to Michael to tell him the drawings are in the dug-out in the orchard & should anything happen to me, he has, in collaboration with you--the right to remove the drawings for the purpose of publishing them. The same applies to you as witness my name here.

Frieda Harris

Rolling Stone Orchard

May 21st [1941]

My dear Aleister,

Love is the law, love under will.

I am so sorry for all your troubles. We are both getting too excited & it attacks one in ones particular weakness, so I lose my head & you your breath. I am sending you [L]6: I don't know how but I will also try to wire it tomorrow.

I have only just got your letters returned today after travelling from 11 A.M. to 7.30 P.M. Sitting in stations & huddling with savage soldiers & children in stuffy railway carriages. Nick was worth it & I had a view of a destroyer.

But I called in at Oxford on the way home & wrote 20 letters with Ettinghausen. He is splendid and makes new suggestions every minute. Only we must tread very cautiously. It makes me nervous but I mean to do what I can to pull this off & how we will sit back if only we can interest a few people who will put up some money. That is the object of this show & we must act entirely for this so do trust me, I feel this is an election & I have my hand on the popular pulse & Horus is the candidate. I am working 16 hours a day, writing, & thinking & I go to Oxford on Monday to meet the Vogue representatives & I hope a few of the Press & try to rope some in.

Please forgive me if I do not write as often as you expect. I am really working at high pressure, there is a lot of social smiling to be done & keeping people in a good temper, the travelling to & fro is difficult & I write all the time I am in the train if I have time.

It is now 11 P.M. Goodnight.
Probably will be able to send you picture reproduction in a few days.
Catalogue not come through yet.

Love is the law, love under will.


[P.S.] Thank you so much for saying the last three years have been good. I thank you too, you know I do. Have you got enough cards? I sent you some more but I shall have to get more printed if you do. They are disappearing [...] good!

Rolling Stone Orchard
Chipping Campden

May 26th 1941 My Dear Aleister--

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

I have just received your letter. It is a bit of a bomb that you are evicted. So difficult & tiring for you. Now then--you have always asked me to tell you the truth & I am writing a truth to you which I find difficult to convey delicately but I must do so.

The opposition against you in Oxford is very strong. My business is to get money to publish these cards if possible & this is nearly impossible in the present war-condition. I have been successful thro using what influence I possess in getting at people with money to come & see the Exhibition. This is using my social position foully. If they suspected that the cards were inspired by the Arch Magician of Black Magic (what do they mean?) they would withdraw their patronage. I have had this conveyed to me politely & impolitely. Therefore if you come to the Private View or show up in any prominence this attempt to launch the cards is doomed & all the work & money lost. Can you be so large-minded & detached as to keep away until the thing is launched--If you court notoriety, it is sure to appear ultimately that you are the source because so many people know it & I am really afraid of the avalanche which will fall on me. I am trying to keep out too because I am bored by occult people, loathe commercialism, do not want fame or notoriety, do not want money, but yearn, long, desire for solitude. Any financial success will be yours. I have had my reward in the work. Now my honoured, esteemed colleague, reply to me & trust me--

Love is the law, love under will.

Yours really troubled

Frieda Harris

[P.S.] The proofs have not turned up yet in spite of telegrams & letters. I enclose a letter from Gunn. Not propitious also.

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