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A Guided Tour Meet the Fool
By Ashleigh Stewart

Article courtesy of Lotus Tarot library

A Guided Tour – Meet the Fool

When I was coming home today I was walking along and thinking away to myself about what I would be doing that evening, until I arrived at my front door. As I approached the door I reached into my bag, still thinking away to myself, to get my key. When I reached in an attempt to open the door, I realized it was not my key that I had in my hand, it was in fact, my pass for the Metro!

At that moment it really struck me of how this was a prime example of how us, as human beings programmed our minds on all levels as a result of our actions in our everyday lives.
Almost every action that is motivated by our conscious mind is programmed into our sub conscious, unconsciously.

The scenario with my key described above was an example of an unconscious action. My intention was to take my key from my bag, though whilst I was consciously thinking about something else I reached for metro card instead. Why? Because this is something I do almost 2 or 3 times every day and it is something I have become naturally accustomed to doing. In conclusion of this, it has been proven that I am now programmed at a subconscious level. We can see this from the fact that I spontaneously reached for my Metro card, rather than my door key whilst my conscious mind was otherwise occupied.

The same principle exists in the way in which we programmed ourselves on an emotional level. We react according to our interactions with the people we are involved with in lives, whether it is our friends, parents, husbands or wives it does not matter on what level that relationship is, the same underlying principle exists in whatever our natural actions or reactions are. It’s simple, our minds, both conscious and subconscious alike are programmed according to our actions and reactions resulting from any events that existed, have existed or will exist in our daily lives, for each and every one of us whether we are aware of it or not!

This is the conclusion I reached when working on releasing my own blocks that have been created as a result of my own experiences and how I reacted in accordance to them. With that realization I really begun to ask myself "who am I?" and "How do I really function as a human being?"
Now let’s take the examples I have given above and see how we might be able to find a consolation to such circumstances when applying the use of the Tarot.

If any of you are working with the Tarot then you are sure to be familiar with ‘The Fool’, key 0 in the major arcane. This card represents the first point of expression of a soul arriving on the earth plane ready to embark upon his journey of life as a human being.

For any human being to be existent within this state of being, in my opinion, they really are spark of divine perfection! The reason being, ‘The Fool’ represents the inner child that each and every one of us has existing deep inside of us. That child is who we were when we first arrived on this plane before embarking upon any of the trials and challenges that were awaiting us in our lives ahead.

The way I like to understand the Tarot is by imagining that each card in the major arcane symbolizes the movement of the Fool through his journey in life, where each card in its individual stage represents every level of his psychological, inner and spiritual growth. The minor arcana and court cards are the cards that bring forth the external events and experiences in order to promote his growth. ‘The Fool’ remains to be unnumbered, therefore, that proves to us he is not existing in the Tarot in any of these stages we must pass through in order to grow. He is, in fact existing in the Tarot as the example of the ‘ideal’ state of being each individual human being is working towards achieving.

The Fool arrived on this plane in that state of being in divine perfection and he will work his way through the stages in life, experiencing all of what life has to offer in terms of the positive and negative feelings and emotions, as well the mental and psychological levels of growth. After passing through all of those stages, he will have then obtained enough knowledge, wisdom understanding and awareness to allow him to arrive back to being in the same ‘enlightened’ state of being as he was when he first arrived on this plane.

In a Tarot reading, if The Fool shows up in a spread it can have several meanings. For example, it might represent the need for the person of whom is having the cards read to try to develop some of the characteristics in themselves that I have described above. Another example is that it may mean that person will have an important choice or decision to make which has great significance upon the direction their life will take thereafter. As a negative, this card might mean that the person might have to learn to take life more seriously and with a more mature attitude, rather than continuously ‘acting the fool’! These are just a few of the possible interpretations and you would really have to take the whole card spread into account before determining exactly what the card means for a particular person.

We all know that we do accumulate emotional baggage throughout our lives as a result of the circumstances we encounter, be it with parents, friends or intimate personal relationships the same principle lies underneath every scenario. If we don’t deal with an experience well, it is more than likely that we will end up in becoming emotionally scarred, unstable or insecure as a result of not accepting the consequences of which that experience brought to us.

In reality we have no real need to be carrying any baggage into our future experiences. We need to bring only what we learnt as a result of our past experience in order to bring us growth.

So what is my verdict? It is that all of need to learn to adapt to living with some characteristics of ‘The Fool’ he is a prime example of a light hearted and care free being who is full of enthusiasm, inspiration and somewhat naive in terms of what life has to offer in terms of experiences. I am not at all implying that we have anything to gain from being naive, but what I will state is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with embracing situations in our lives with an attitude that is does not allow us to be apprehensive, conclusive or judgmental before we have even tried what that situation has to offer us as an experience. That is how I define ‘naive’ in such terms as these.

Until next time, try to learn to adapt into living some of the characteristics of the fool and allow yourself to become more lighthearted, carefree, enthusiastic and less pessimistic about certain situations in your lives and you will see the difference it makes to you and how you appreciate all of what life has to offer you. You are the master of your own destiny after all!

In my next article we will look at the following card in the major arcane ‘The Magician’. We might learn a thing or two from him, in terms of how we channel our own personal energies, power, inspiration and creative potential into achieving our goals and desires in life.

© Ashleigh Stewart

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Published on: 2005-02-20 (5919 reads)

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