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Conscious Reflection
By Ashleigh Stewart

Article courtesy of Lotus Tarot library

Conscious Reflection

My own experimentation with Tarot has led me to understand how sensitive the cards are to the vibration of the person handling them. The cards are powerful and accurate when used properly and can predict at many different levels. Although powerful on their own, I believe the real power of the Tarot is directed by the person handling the cards and eventually after years of practice, study and experimenting particular experiences on yourself and among friends you can learn that the Tarot is not only directed by divine forces outwith our control, but we can adapt the cards to work within the different levels of our conscious, subconscious and super conscious mind and control how the cards work in accordance to what we have stored there. This aspect denies any laws that are enforced as to the Tarot being purely for divining our future or destiny.

In simple terms if we can learn to realize, understand and define the contents of each level of our consciousness at a particular given time. We can then manipulate the Tarot cards to read a spread which is a reflection of your own thoughts on each level. This theory I have concluded holds the same principle as saying the world around you that you create to live within is a reflection of your world within. What you hold and are inside reflects to your immediate environment.

With my understanding of working with Tarot with this technique has made me aware of the danger that lies with playing around with cards when you are not experienced in working with or understanding their meaning.

Consider the fact that we are able to manipulate the cards with our own mind to reflect our own thoughts and feelings at that time. Now, the reading that is spread here will reflect this and the outcome will portray the event that is most likely to be the result of this particular situation, as it should. The problem here is that if the reading is done as a reflection of the conscious and not the super conscious or the divine, it can and will change in correspondence to your feelings tomorrow and your reading and outcome will then adapt to these feelings. This is fortunate for me that I understand the complexity and sensitivity of how Tarot senses the vibrations around it, but it is only after practice, experiment and much trial and error that I have learnt the concept. It is important when going for readings that you are going to a skilled professional who is responsible and experienced as if they do not understand the cards they are working with then they will never give accurate readings. Also, if they are not focused in their own minds then their own reading may appear in aspects of your card spread.

Your destiny when predicted in this fashion is not your destiny; it is a reflection of how you feel your perception and expectation of the events existing in your life at that point. The cards will interpret this and predict the course to the likely outcome. Everything is subject to change. Your feelings which prompt your decision, then your actions in accordance to your feelings and until that influence your destiny.

I am not implying Tarot cannot predict events in the future, it can I know as I have had the card prediction evolve. It depends on the Tarot reader, their traits and experience.

© Ashleigh Stewart

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Published on: 2005-02-20 (4828 reads)

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