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  Six Principles of Magic
1. Every magician has a beautiful vision for the world.
2. Every system of magic is a single artists tool, used to reshape reality.
3. If you believe, it shall exist.
4. When you call, they will answer.
5. Success and failure, is one and the same: ignorance and depression is the enemy.
6. Be like all equally, and you shall unite; refuse and separate.

by Dalamar
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The Tool of the Magician of the Future

I Need no pentacle.... I Need no knives... AllI Need is Self!

The tools of magician of the future are energy, knowledge, and a good psychic connection and it is all that is needed for any magical task that the magician of the future does. Let's talk about the magician of the future's tools. One main tool of this sort of magician is electricity. YES! I said electricity. But, of course, electricity is not needed by the well trained magician. It's just a hell of a lot easier. The electricity is used to power the magician's psychic power generator. This psychic power generator is responsible for generation of the psychic energy needed to perform the magician's work. The generator may by used by an unskilled or skilled magician since the use of the generator is simple and can be done by anyone of any age. The basic knowledge that the magician has is the ability to analyze his/her work to determine why something should or should not work. Over 90% of the spells or workings done by the magician of the future work and can be explained in a scientific form of why they have worked. This type of magician understands magic as if it were biology or some other sort of familiar science. The magician of the future knows that when his/her spells do not work it is the result of poor psychic connections to the target that the work was administered on or the lack of sufficient psychic energy imputed into the working. The magician of the future has total control of the forces that surround and for the forces that he/she are unaware are soon learned by the magician.

Magic of the future is not shielded or hidden behind folk-lore. It is raw magical science. Knowledge that has been long lost due to the fact of persecution and hidden within religious backgrounds eons ago. I can name hundreds of religions that have magical aspects. But to do such a thing would lead to my persecution because magic is still blended in religion. A magician of the future is way more knowledgeable in the field of magical science than any other magician that has been locked into some kind of magic religion. And yet to say, more powerful.

The magician of the future does not distinguish good from evil. These two terms are the result of religious influences. The magician only does what is needed to be done. It is the religionist that determines if the magicians actions be good or evil ( black or white magic ). He/she has no belief in karma or karmic forces. Remember, the magician of the future controls all forces that he/she is aware of. And karma is yet another religion.

He/she can create and control and type of force just solely because the magician has the tools and knowledge to do so.

The magician of the future is a GOD! - Dr. J.H. Trott.

MaGiC as A ScIenCe

Magic existed long before the invention of the tree of life. In fact, most of the powerful magicians on our planet do know even know of the tree of life. Such "lack of knowledge" does not inhibit their power at all. Evidently there must be some principle in magic that goes beyond religious doctrine. There must be a magical science that we can develop from the common functioning principle (CFP) of all magic. Equaling magic with the tree of life or any other outcropping of religious creeds would be to falsely identify the map with the territory. The map is never the territory it represents! Such identification is always wrong, no matter how useful the map may be at first. The magical systems that have their roots in the tree of life have been useful and to some extent comprehensive. However, the universe is not the tree of life. The tree of life is just another mapping that is of use for the magician.

The present time sees an expansion of magical methods that is unheard of as yet. At the same time students of magic have access to an increasingly wide range of very different magical systems and traditions to practice. Most of these systems are not outcroppings of a Judeo-Christian religionism. Moreover, they are incompatible with the cabalistic system and its tree of life and all other religious mappings have no predominant usefulness for the magician of the third millennium who practices magic on a scientific basis.

The science of magic in its true form is a science, not a religious act as thought till now. In the old days magic was forbidden, religion had to be used as a cover-up, hiding the true magical form which is finally out in the open. I have stated here an approach that transcends the quietly assumed connection between magical practice and specific religious doctrines. This approach will allow you to come to a scientific understanding of the processes that underline all known forms of magic. Then you will realize that the religious clothing of the practice is different in every culture and that you need no religious facade at all to be a powerful magician.

If you use your car to drive somewhere you are free to pray five lord's prayers and three Hail Mary's' or you may even chant the sacred "OM" one hundred and eight times before you start your vehicle. It is my opinion that the car engine starts just as well if you simply turn the ignition key. The same holds with any magical practice. Once you know the scientific principle of magic you will be able to simply turn the key and be able to work in any surrounding without the ballast of religion-based "ritual".

To practice magic free from the ballast of any tradition has another advantage. Freedom of thinking Leeds to ever new and more powerful technology. It is a well-known fact that tradition was always a road block to the advancement of any science and that religion was always an obstacle to science itself. "Purity of Tradition" and the belief in the infallibility books that are thought to the divinely inspired usually leads to rejection of innovative ideas and quite often to the organized killing person who advance innovative ideas! Tradition cannot live on "as is" when innovation shows new ways that prove to be more useful, or worse, free the thinking of people. That's the reason why these traditionalist who typically lack creativity are almost always in the fore front of hostility towards progress. If you want to develop your magical skills to a maximum, you will do well to get rid of the straight-jacket that traditions have imposed on you!

I do not plan to burden you down with a proper definition of magic immediately. You know that with the word magic we describe a specific class of practices that we can use to bring about change. In the following we will examine what type of practices fall under the definition of magic and what elements of the practices are. From this we will develop an elementary mapping, or theory, that will help you understand the various technologies, or systems of magic and develop your magical skills easily and rapidly.

Let's begin with a few scenarios of well known practices that we call "magic" taken from various practices or magic related books.

Case #1 - An old recipe to heal a person is to pull seven hairs of that person. Then drill a hole into a vigorous tree and put the seven hairs into the hole. Then plug the hole with the wood of the same tree. The person will feel better.

Case #2 - A "doctor" fabricates a doll. He puts hair and fingernails, or clothing, of the target into the doll. Then, perhaps at a pre-calculated time, he goes to a grave yard and puts the doll into an open grave. The person whom he targets may get sick, perhaps may even die.

Case #3 - An old recipe against wounds that pus: Take some of the pus out of the wound with a cotton swab and put it into copper sulfate. The wound heals faster.

Case #4 - Set up a ceremonial table (alter) with candles, incenses, etc. on a piece of paper. Draw a square with some letters inside. To the left and to the right of the sides of the square write the names of the people who should fall in love. Project your own energy into the letter square and the paper. Then burn the paper. Case#5 - A radionics specialist takes a "black box" or radionics device, she determines the settings of the dials that help in lawsuits. Then she puts the photo of the person whom she helps on the stick pad. She leaves the device "on" until the results show. Case #6 - In a charismatic church the preacher initiates a prayer to heal in his congregation. The person that he intends to heal is far away.

What do all of these cases have in common? The first thing that comes to our minds is the following...


It is action that has the goal to bring about a change:

change in an individual, in a group of individuals, or a situation. The attempt to bring upon change is characteristic of all living beings. It is interaction with the environment.

The second common denominator of these casesis that the target is of the action is appears to be distant. For the moment, we can say: Magic is action at a distance. Distance is irrelevant in magical work. In this respect, magic expands our capability to act upon our invironment. Now let's consider a third important factor: In every case listed above the magician uses something that represents the target of the action.

Case #1 - Seven hairs (with follicles)

Case #2 - Hair and finger nails.

Case #3 - The same bacteria that are in the wound.

Case #4 - The written names and the visual imagination of the people.

Case #5 - The photo of the person.

Case #6 - The visual imagination in the minds of the people who send the healing.

Magicians call this representative of the target, such as hair, finger nails, a photo, or clothing, "The psychic link." For our purpose of putting magic into a scientific language, we will prefer the term "structural link." The structural link can be in any form that ranges from purely physical to purely mental, or imagined. If we analyze the six cases above we come to the following conclusion: The use of a structural link to the target makes its ( the target's ) distance to the magical operator irrelevant.


How can we determine the nature of the action? In each one of the cases above we can find something that represents the desired action. The way in which the magician represents a desired action is very similar to the way he/she establishes a structural link with the target of the action.

Case #1 - The health of the tree.

Case #2 - The doll decaying in the tomb.

Case #3 - The sample of the bacteria being destroyed in the copper sulfate. Case #4 - The letter square.

Case #5 - The setting of the radionics device.

Case #6 - The visual imagination of the health in the minds of the members of the congregation.


Now we have the following question: How is action at a distance possible and what determines the success of such action? To find out we need to compare magical practices that bring results with those that do not work. The observation of magicians throughout the ages showed that magical practice failed to bring the expected results for one of two reasons:

1. There is psychic interference, blockage or any other interference.

2. There is insufficient psychic energy raised.

In future issues of the magitechnical, I hope to write about methods of over coming psychic interference's and psychic defense mechanisms.

The second point calls for further examination stated below. We want to analyze what magicians do when they practice their art.

Case #1 - The magician does nothing. The psychic energy (life force) is within the tree.

Case #2 - It works even if the magician does not raise a lot of psychic energy, especially if the structural link to the target person is good, such as hair, fingernails, or clothing.

Case #3 - No psychic energy is necessary .

Case #4 - This works only if the magician develops and projects a lot of psychic power.

Case #5 - It seems that the trained magician or strongly emotional person have quicker success with radionics than others.

Case #6 - In a charismatic setting the emotional power is at peek.

Magicians of all ages knew of the necessity to develop strong psychic powers, or magical powers, to be successful. Only if the structural link is excellent and when life energy is abundant from some source other than themselves do they need not to raise these powers. They realized that life energy is the medium that makes magical action possible. In fact, Hyperspace Communications and Technologies International ha proven that life itself would be impossible without magical interaction with a distant environment!

A strong field of life force allows quick magical action. The stronger the life energy that connects with the target, the stronger the action upon the target will be. Magicians of all ages knew that. This power had many names such as Prana, Chi, Psychic Power, Magical Power, and Mana.

In Western countries several scientist have established scientific models of this energy. The models that they have developed were in tune with the knowledge of their times. A scientific model has many advantages. Above all is the advantage that we can develop new technologies from a good scientific theory. This fact is as valid for the magician as it is valid for chemistry and physics!

The first person known in Western history who developed a scientific model of life energy was Franz Anton Mesmar. He called life energy "animal magnetism." He developed methods to magnetize ("mesmerize") people for healing. He also set up devices that brought on healing. These devices were wooden barrels that he had filled with iron fillings and that had iron rods sticking out. People who wanted a healing held these rods in their hands.

Baron Von Reichanbach called life energy "Odic Force." He conducted thousands of test with more than one hundred sensitive people and he developed a comprehensive theory concerning this energy.

Wilhelm Reich used the term "Orgone" for life energy. His scientific theory was the most advanced model of life energy until the development of hyper space mathematics. Wilhelm Reich invented the orgone accumulator. He used this device to change people with life energies for healing. He expanded on describing the characteristics of life energy.

Magicians knew all along that life energy is necessary to make their actions work. They knew "intuitively" about it. Magicians usually can feel this energy. On the basis of millennia of experience, they use many practices to develop strong fields of this energy. These practices include many different methods such as chanting, strong emotional outburst, group rituals, sex magical practices, religious emotionalism, and animal sacrifice. An excellent way to have a continuous and abundant supply of life energy is to use the life energy generator, a popular tool of the magician of the future that I have invented. You can receive more information on this generator when you either call USA (404) 409 0400 or by writing to H.S.C.T.I. BOX 666 033 Marietta GA, 30066.

Now we are ready for a definition of magic:


The first thing that we need to do in order to understand magic is to come to grips with its basic elements. This means that we need to learn the methods to raise life force and the methods to establish structural links. With such an understanding we can perform any kind of magic. With such an understanding will we view magic as a technological system rather than some mysterious art that is cloaked in some kind of religious belief structure.

After we have developed a basic understanding of life force and of structural links, we will proceed to increase the range of our sensory apparatus. This will allow us to tune into the effects of our magical action. It is always better to "see" the target rather than to do something "blindly" in the hope that the technology we employed will do the trick. Being able to tune our magical action gives us the capability to view the impact of our action while we are practicing. I will write about the characteristics of life energy and illustrate the sciences of magic of the future in the next issue of the Magitechnical. - Dr. K.H. Welz. Master of Occult sciences. Founder of HSCTI and Hyper Space Mathematics.

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Published on: 2005-10-15 (6724 reads)

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