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1. Every magician has a beautiful vision for the world.
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Tarot Spells
by John Hayes & Dr. J.H. Trott

Most people know the tarot only as a tool for divination. Each of the tarot cards represent a field of experience and/or a function in life. In a tarot reading, you shuffle the cards and then you lay them out in a specific manner such as the Celtic Cross method or the Tree of Life method. Then you judge each card by its position in the layout, and how it relates to the other cards. From this you can then derive important facts about the person for whom you are reading.

All the following is about spells using the tarot. When you give a tarot reading, you channel energies from the universe toward yourself. You use the cards as indicators of what the universe tells you. If you do a spell with the tarot, you use the cards as life energy filters to construct an event with the cards upon the desired target.

You use the cards as the structural link that represents the desired action. The tarot cards represent the energies that you are about to send off. Each tarot card is an archetypal symbol that represents a field of experience, or a function, or an idea. Consequently the tarot cards are an ideal tool to creatively act upon your universe in magical operations.

For a strong effect of a tarot spell you need a strong source of life energy. Many magicians create their own life energy or draw down the life energy from the universe. The creating of psychic energy, or life energy is an integral part of every magical ritual.

Many of the spell books on the market make the task of casting effective spells seem easy. However, all too often would-be magicians get meager results or no results at all. This is so because they are not capable of creating the psychic connection with the target or they cannot generate a sufficiently large amount of psychic energy for the spell. We have eliminated the problem with creating the amount of life energy needed with the Welz generator (life energy generator) and now a beginner can even create the sufficient amount of energy needed.

It is up to you to find a good structural link to the target of your work, a good power source for life energy, and an appropriate filter (something that represents the ACTION). Remember that the structural link that represents your target may be hair, fingernails, a photo, or clothing. The best that I have found to be most effective is a photo of the desired target. Whether the target be a person or a place. For a structural link to represent the desired action, tarot cards are real good for the such. The link may consist of one card to the whole deck. If you are really good with understanding the representations of the tarot then you can construct any event, idea, attitude, or personality that you want the TARGET to follow just by placing the cards between your energy source and the structural link representing your target. Remember the energy source may be generated by you, pulled down from the universe, or created by the use of a Welz Generator.

Although you can set up an affective tarot spell with a Welz Generator and a deck of tarot cards, I strongly recommend that you purchase a good introduction in the tarot if you know nothing about the tarot representations. I recommend highly Eden Gray's MASTERING the TAROT or any other of Eden Gray's books. The Best deck for the spell work is the RIDER WAITE TAROT DECK. With very few exceptions, most other tarot decks are outcroppings of artistic fantasies rather than symbolically correct representations of universal archetypes. Experience taught us that symbolically correct representations make work easy. My good education prevents me from giving my opinion about the books on tarot spells that are presently on the market.

For a spell you can set up the tarot cards in two ways. The first method is to lay out the card after card starting, from the front end of the EPG (Welz Generator) or you. The psychic link is after the last card. If may be a set of cards representing the target or as I stated earlier it may be a photo. Some of the positions of the cards may be stacks of two, three, or four cards, rather than single cards. The second method consists of stacking all the cards into one stack with the psychic link as the last item of the stack.

The following is a spell for success in business. It will serve as an example of how to set up the cards in front of the Welz Generator. If you do not have a Welz Generator, then by all means replace the idea of the Welz Generator with energy that you have raised and push this energy into the front of the stack all the way to the psychic link at the end but a generator is recommended because you will need a continuous supply of life energy for the spell to be effective unless the target is weak. About two inches in front of the output pipe of the EPG you put the major arcana: STRENGTH (viii). Put the card down face up, with the bottom of the card closest to the energy source and the top of the card on the far end. This is the upright position of a card. When a card is reversed, you put it down with the top end closer to the energy source. Next to STRENGTH (viii), at its top end, put the HIGH PRIESTESS (ii). The next card is THE MAGICIAN (I), then THE HIEROPHANT (v), followed by THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE (x), which is followed by a stack of 4 cards and the psychic link.

THE FOUR CARDS : Bottom card: The THREE OF WANDS, on top of it the NINE OF CUPS, which is covered by the TEN OF PENTACLES, on top of it the SIGNIFICATOR OF THE PERSON ( Structural link/psychic link to that person).

The choice of the significator using the tarot can be a problem for the person who is not familiar with the tarot, use the following guidelines:

Pages : Persons of both sexes up to 15 years of age.

Knights : Persons of both sexes, unmarried, age 16 to 25.

Queens : Women, married, or over 25 years of age.

Kings : Men, married, or over 25 years of age.

The four suits relate to the basic characteristics of the person:

Cups : Spiritual persons, scholars, artists, or priests.

Pentacles : Materialistic persons or a business person.

Wands : Farmers, laborers, an earthy person.

Swords : Aggressive persons, military, police, justice.

Once you have chosen the significator (link to the target) and constructed the spell (card layout) then you may charge the spell with your energy or the energy from the EPG.

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Published on: 2005-10-15 (11850 reads)

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