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  Six Principles of Magic
1. Every magician has a beautiful vision for the world.
2. Every system of magic is a single artists tool, used to reshape reality.
3. If you believe, it shall exist.
4. When you call, they will answer.
5. Success and failure, is one and the same: ignorance and depression is the enemy.
6. Be like all equally, and you shall unite; refuse and separate.

by Dalamar
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How to Treat your Tarot Deck
By S.C. Knight

How to correctly handle a tarot deck, like any other magical implement, is a personal matter.

I cite two examples which are fairly extreme: myself, and my SO.

Me: My tarot deck of preference (a Crowley Thoth) can be found in a different place every few hours as I toss it around the room to keep it out of my way. I drop it on my desk as I flop onto my bed to read; when I sit down to type, I move it to my altar; when I go to perform a ritual, I toss it onto my dresser, where it stays until the next morning, when I open the dresser to get out some socks and set down my morning orange juice; to make space for the juice I throw the deck onto the bed. You get the idea.

The deck is sitting in the same thin cardboard box it was sold in. I keep the cards nice, because they're very beautiful, i.m.o., and expensive, but I treat them with just sufficient respect to keep them undamaged.

Anyone whom I think is fairly responsible is allowed to use the deck whenever they're around, provided I don't get explicitly bad energy from them.

My SO: Her deck (a Witches' Tarot, if I recall) is kept in a wooden box, carved with lovely knotwork designs. It moves around her room or into her backpack like mine does, but is never tossed - rather, picked up and gently carried from place to place. Upon opening the box one finds the cards wrapped in a fine silk cloth. She kisses the pack gently when removing it from the box, and audibly thanks the cards when she is done using them and rewraps them.

No one is permitted to use the cards except her; even I, who share in much of her magical experience, am only permitted to touch them to look at them, but not to divine with them.

The point is: treat your deck as your instinct/intuition dictates is best.

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Published on: 2005-09-20 (5158 reads)

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