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  Six Principles of Magic
1. Every magician has a beautiful vision for the world.
2. Every system of magic is a single artists tool, used to reshape reality.
3. If you believe, it shall exist.
4. When you call, they will answer.
5. Success and failure, is one and the same: ignorance and depression is the enemy.
6. Be like all equally, and you shall unite; refuse and separate.

by Dalamar
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Volume III Number 2 Summer Solstice, 1988


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law


by Comte de Fenix (Aleister Crowley)


The scientific solution of the problem of Government is given in AL (Liber Legis). This Law supersedes all the empirical theories hitherto current.


Chapter 1.

3. Every man and every woman is a star.
10. Let my servants be few & secret: they shall rule the many & the known.
40. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
41. The word of Sin is Restriction.
42. thou hast no right but to do thy will.
43. Do that, and no other shall say nay.
44. For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect.
57. Love is the law, love under will.

Chapter 2.

19. Is a God to live in a dog? No! but the highest are of us. They shall rejoice, our chosen: who sorroweth is not of us.
20. Beauty and strength, leaping laughter and delicious languor, force and fire are of us.
58. Yea! deem not of change: ye shall be as ye are, & not other. Therefore the kings of the earth shall be Kings for ever; the slaves shall serve.

Chapter 3.

4. Choose ye an island!
5. Fortify it!
6. Dung it about with enginery of war!
7. I will give you a war-engine. 8. With it ye shall smite the peoples; and none shall stand before you.
58. But the keen and the proud, the royal and the lofty; ye are brothers!
59. As brothers fight ye!
60. There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt.


1. The average voter is a moron. He believes what he reads in newspapers, feeds his imagination and lulls his repressions on the cinema, and hopes to break away from his slavery by football pools, cross-word prizes, or spotting the winner of the 3.30. He is ignorant as no illiterate peasant is ignorant: he has no power of independent thought. He is the prey of panic. But he has the vote.
2. The men in power can only govern by stampeding him into wars, playing on his fears and prejudices until he acquiesces in repressive legislation against his obvious interests, playing on his vanity until he is totally blind to his own misery and serfdom. The alternative method is undisguised dragooning. In brief, we govern by a mixture of lying and bullying.
3. This desperate resort to archaic weapons is the heritage of hypocrisy. The theories of Divine Right, aristocratic superiority, the moral order of Nature, are all to-day exploded bluffs. Even those of us who believe in supernatural sanctions for our privileges to browbeat and rob the people no longer delude ourselves with the thought that our victims share our superstitions
4. Even dictators understand this. Mussolini has tried to induce the ghost of Ancient Rome to strut the stage in the image of Julius Caesar; Hitler has invented a farrago of nonsense about Nordics and Aryans; nobody even pretends to believe either, except through the "Will-to- believe." And the pretence is visibly breaking down everywhere. They cannot even be galvanized with spasms of pseudo-activity, as still occasionally happens with the dead toads of superstition.
5. There is only one hope of uniting the people under intelligent leadership; because there is only one thing in which everyone really believes. That is, believes in such a way that he automatically bases every action of his daily life on its principles. (This is true of practically all men, whatever their race, caste, or creed.) This universally accepted basis of conduct is Science.
6. Science has attained this position because it makes no assertion that it is not prepared to demonstrate to all comers. (This part is so well understood that all the "false prophets" - Spiritualism, Christian Science, ethnological cranks, Great Pyramid puzzle- mongers, and the rest of the humbugs - all pretend to appeal to evidence, not to authority, as did the Kings and the Churches.) The problem of Government is therefore to find a scientific formula with an ethical implication. This formula must be rigidly applicable to all sane men soever without reference to the individual qualities of any one of them.
7. The formula is given by the Law of Thelema. "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." This injunction, in one sense infinitely elastic, since it does not specify any particular goal of will as desirable, is yet infinitely rigid, in that it binds every man to follow out exactly the purpose for which he is fitted by heredity, environment, experience, and self-development. The formula is thus also biologically indefeasible, as well as adequate, ethically to every individual, and politically to the State.
8. Let this formula be accepted by every government. Experts will immediately be appointed to work out, when need arises, the details of the True Will of every individual, and even that of every corporate body whether social or commercial, while a judiciary will arise to determine the equity in the case of apparently conflicting claims. (Such cases will become progressively more rare as adjustment is attained.) All appeal to precedent and authority, the deadwood of the Tree of Life, will be abolished, and strictly scientific standards will be the sole measure by which the executive power shall order the people. The absolute rule of the state shall be a function of the absolute liberty of each individual will.

He Who Laughs...

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Much of what we do in life has a serious purpose. Any task which we undertake, be it for spiritual or material attainment, is a serious and sober creation of life in one form or another. In this we are gods; isn't being a god a serious undertaking in itself? What a sober responsibility, but what a joyful experience! With joy comes laughter, our true outlet for that which cannot be expressed in words. Humans laugh; those that can't or won't fall into a very sorry state indeed. Why do we laugh? Laughter, in the form of a "nervous giggle", occurs when we are tense or anxious; it comes often at someone else's misfortune; it is the response to jokes, usually told at some other's expense. We laugh at anger, at danger, at fear. Laughter relieves otherwise unexpressible f elings: relief that the self is not the victim, loss of self-control, a sense of not being in control of ones immediate destiny. Seldom, though, do we laugh at ourselves. The utter inanity of a situation is largely that which is in ourselves inane and ridiculous. To laugh at that part of the inner self is to see all the joy that cannot be so easily expressed and to conquer that which is self- righteous and self-destructive. Children do this innately; adults have "unlearned" this ability. Life is too serious to be taken seriously. Laughter, like a child, needs no excuse. Laugh at the pure joy of being, at nothing at all, at yourself. "I tell you solemnly, anyone who does not welcome the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it." Regain a child's ability to laugh; enter into your kingdom.

Love is the law, love under will

Soror Mari



By Soror Sophia

Turning the page on our Thoth Tarot Calendar, there was the card of the month: Two of Cups - Love.

It is June, and that certainly flavors things a bit. It's a time of emphasis on relationships, deep loves, and passions; whether it be spiritual or material. A person wonders: Is this person the right one? Am I in love? Are our charts too similar, or too divergent? This partner can't be the only choice to make on the planet. Once decided, and willed that the relationship is the one that is desired, the person is in a new ball park. One might apologize and be willing to accept an apology, letting go totally things that in a prior relationship would have been held there for some time. The difference may be, that once one has the stable underlying certainty of the rightness of the action it can be carried out.

This is not just concerning "relationships." For "as above, so below, and within." This relationship, as an analogy, can be a symbol for our overall spiritual quest or desire for marriage with the infinite. I feel that one must muster the same drive, perseverance, dedication, and endurance to succeed, whichever course we take. The lessons learned are carried over to each plane of existence. When one signs up for this "Course," let it be known and understood that there is work to be accomplished. That you will be working with your lab partner on certain experiments. You will be given certain tests and should expect them at anytime whatsoever. You cannot audit the course, participation is necessary. Your lab partner is yours for the duration of the course. Your determine the length of the course, the grades, what goes on at recess, and the class size. But what shall be the sign that one has made a right decision? (sounding familiar here?) Well the UnderXao answers, bending her working hands down over the keyboard, her fingers arched for typing, her lovely feet not stepping on XaoBird, the parakeet loose on the floor: "Thou knowest! And the sign shall be my ecstasy, the consciousness of the continuity of existence, the omnipresence of my body."

As a friend of mine found as he stepped off a plane in Hawaii, feeling the warm air engulf him, he knew he made the right decision. We too know and can feel it. This issue is one of expansion, and nurturing. We are building and creating, and I am having a fine ole time at it. _______________________________________________________________________


by Soror Timshel

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Well, that's it. We're all doomed. 1984 has become a reality. Soon we'll have no personal freedom. Christian prayer in the schools. McCarthyism! Plagues of toads and spiders! Anita Bryant for President, goats with two heads, Pat Boone albums...arghhh! Oh, hell. It's summer, and it's too damn hot for diatribes. You guys only use this page to line bird cages anyway. I'm going to the beach. See you this fall.

(As a replacement column, Soror Timshel provided us with some stuff she found scratched on the back of Aleister Growley's laundry list. Oh, well. Anything to full space.)



1. Do what thou wilt. 1. Fine, don't do it my way...but it'll be wrong.
2. I disagree, but "As brothers fight 2. I'm planning your "greater feast" for sometime next week.
3. Take your fill and ye will of love 3. Wanna *censored*?
4. It's beyond your grade. 4. I don't know.
5. Meditate on it. 5. I really don't know.
6. It's a blind. 6. No one knows.
7. It's revealed wisdom. 7. He made it up.
8. Their rituals are too "Old Aeon." 8. There's not enough sex and violence.
9. In terms of physical phenomena, the ritual was a success. 9. My cat exploded.
10.That lecture was very informative. 10.How many oaths did you break with this one?
11.Our ritual should be quite powerful.11.It's a combined Horus invocation /Choronzon evocation with a little Cthulu thrown in for extra punch.
12.His new rituals are very true to Pyramidos 12.He changed two words in Liber Crowley's vision.
13.Taking this initiation will accelerate your progress. 13.Your husband will leave, you'll lose your job, a meteor will on the path will strike your car and your dog will die.
14.That's an interesting interpretation. 14.Crowley is spinning in his grave fast enough to generate electricity.
15.Their camp is very independent. 15.They're planning the overthrow of the Grand Master and they've become born-again Christians. 16.That's how Crowley originally but intended it. 16.I don't have a good reason, I like it that way.
17.Their temple has a lot of magical energy 17.They haven't banished since1967.
18.The party was fun.....you know, the usual. 18.There were 3 major philosophical schisms, 2 magical duels to the death, an impromptu X-rated Gnostic Mass, and the usual orgy to follow.
19.He brings a strong sense of Crowley's works. 19.He's Crowley's incarnation and conviction to his commentaries - he wants royalties.
20.Yes, "Liber Call Me AL" is very witty. 20.Tell us who wrote it so we can kill him.
21.Your "Law Under the Law" column has some interesting political implications 21.The FBI just called, and we turned you in.
(The Editors have been assured that the usual lecture will return next issue, so don't panic - your bird cages won't go liner-less again.)

Love is the law, love under will



by Edwin L. Andrews, Ph.D. (reprinted with permission from Archae-O-logical Annual)

The tablet here presented is the oldest solid evidence of computer technology by early civilizations. Written in Hebrew characters, it is, apparently, the mapping of eight pairs of 8- bit registers, or possibly even eight single 16-bit registers, from an ET 8032 computer chip. It will be noticed, on inspection, that nine of the bytes are marked with a | character. These divide the hexadecimal architecture into a decimal infrastructure. The nine bytes designated by the | character contain the Hebrew correlates of I, L, and A in the right bank, and V, Ch, P (final), B, and R in the left bank. This enumerates, by the usual methods, to 337, the value of a Hebrew word meaning "Ruler of Earth." Obviously, this alludes to some scheme to conquer the planet at large. Accompanying papyri declare that someone named He-Shem (HShM, "The Name") brought them from a land called Y'nis (INIS). He-Shem may in fact have been He-Shom. The vertical lines of the left register give an amazing key to the ancient chant of the Sudan:

Dammel thinshed Kathachowdom Lo, the tizzle-tock The Darpadoth B.B. ve-Thaloa [The "B.B." has always been mysterious.] Shekkanah-brawl He-Vilthinbar Mish Becky Egg Heqq

Also, the total numeric value of both tablets is 10,097. This remarkably matches precisely the number of Frigginites exiled in Libya. Furthermore, the tablet is divided exactly as were the Frigginites by gender; id est, 4,258 men (matching the value of the right tablet), and 5,839 women (the left tablet). Besides these few small points, the right side remains unintelligible and is published here with the earnest hope that other scholars may assist in their decipherment.

Liber Call Me AL vel vel, now. subfigura skating "The Book of the In-Laws"

1. New and improved! The filet of Haddock.
2. Oh come, all ye faithful, and Jim shall spill all the secrets which have not been revealed already. I, Christopher Robin, am the complement of Pooh, my bear. He is hungry, and he lives under the name of Sanders.
3. I am always the center of attention, which makes my wife a bit edgy.
4. Yet it is she who gets invited to the best parties.
5. Yuck! These old rituals are filthy! Let the nasty ones get lost; let the good take laxatives. Then we'll talk.
6. I am heartburn and sunstroke. I am Life, and I gave at the office, yet I am expert in Grateful Dead trivia.
7. I am The Omen and The Exorcist. I am the fly in the ointment and the lime in the coconut. "Come unto me" is a foolish word, for I do not make house calls.
8. Who worshipped Har-Po-Marx has worshipped me; badly, for I prefer Chico.
9. Remember that existence is one long party; that hangovers pass and are done, but liver damage remains.
10. O boy, I can see you had enough of this yesterday.
11. I see you hate the hand and the pen, but I could not afford a word processor.
12. Because we are both broke.
13. for why? Because thou failed grammar, and me.
14. Also, we couldn't pay the electric bill.
15. For I am just the greatest thing, and my number is nine one one to the fools, but with the "in" crowd I am eight, and one eight, and four out of five, and two for one. Which is really critical, only I forgot why. I didn't draw to my Jack-high straight. 16. I am a priest in drag. Oh, and I can count to eleven, just like my wife.
17. Hear me, ye people of sighing Whose next three paychecks are all spent; Now is the time to start crying -- The Landlord just increased your rent!
18. They are better off dead, these worthless bums. they will hardly feel a thing. We don't care -- we're on the winning team.
19. Is God to walk a dog? Woof! But Pig enumerates to 93.
20. Beauty and fashion, Malibu condos and fast cars, coke and cognac are of us.
21. We have nothing with the scum and the rabble. Refuse them spare change! Kick them in the ribs! Spit on them! Gouge their eyes out! Drop napalm on their foul, stinking streets full of cheap wine bottles and shopping carts and -- excuse me, I got carried away. If the body of the King dissolve, the Palace probably needs a new water softener. Nuts! Haddocks! Pa- Ra-Keets! UV lamps, steroids and contact lenses, track lighting! I ask you, is this any way to run a pantheon? Then again, what can you expect from a bunch of nocturnal snakes? 22. I am the Worm that lieth in the bottom of the tequila bottle which fills men with drunkenness. For a good time, buy strange drugs from my distributor and trip thereupon. The brain damage will barely be noticeable. Just say "Nu!" The exposure of innocence is fun. Be a manly, lusty Man; you can explain it all to God later.
23. I am alone. There is no God. Where am I?
24. But ye, o my people, rise up and -- Shut up, o deacon; I am not there yet. This is just one of many Grave Mysteries I plan to hint about without ever actually telling you anything. For example, it is said, or so some say, that there are those of my people who are hermits. Now, think not to find them milking goats in the West County of Ireland, or even standing in wheatfields holding cubist lanterns along the Tiphareth- Chesed Freeway, but at cocktail parties, and in the Tokyo subway system. How is it, you ask, that such people are deemed Hermits? Chalk up another Grave Mystery. Remember: Kill the wretched, and the weak, the struggling masses yearning to be free! Burn their homes, plow their fields with salt, enslave them, oppress them -- oh my, I'm sorry, I seem to have gotten carried away again. I really will try to keep a lid on it from now on. Promise.
25. It's us against them, boy, and I say we call in the nukes! The hell with what I just promised! I hate them! I hate them! Aaaargh! 26. I am the train entering a tunnel, and the hot dog chasing a donut. If I lift up my head, and shoot forth venom, I will have to wash the sheets in the morning.
27. There is danger in this verse, for whoso does not give it to his editor shall make a great mess. He shall stumble into the pit called Writers Block, and there he shall reason with the Xaos.
8. Now, damn Because, and the horse he rode in on! 2
9. Just who the Hell does Because think he is, anyway?
30. If Will stops and cries Why, fire him. 31. If Power asks Why, tell it whatever it wants to hear.
32. Reason won't work either, at least not for you. 33. Enough Because, already! I don't even like his dog!
34. (What has he got against dogs, anyway? Is it my turn, now? Okay...*ahem*) But ye, o my people, rise up and restore circulation to your arms!
35. Let the rituals be performed with latex and farm animals! 36. There are parties every other Tuesday at Bagh-i-muattar Camp.
37. A feast for the first night of Pernod over ice!
38. A feast for each of the ninety- four days of the writing on the Book of the In-Laws.
39. A feast for Alexia, child of 1.75 Masters -- Ptah-Sekhet, O profit!
40. Practices for initiation rituals, and practices for the Equinox so we can piss off the A... A... types again.
41. A feast after class, and a feast on payday; a feast for life, and a sudden loss of appetite following death. 42. A feast every day with me so you can get heartburn.
43. A feast every night with my wife so you can get spacey.
44. Yeah! Party hardy, bro, and fear not hangovers at all. 45. There is death for the dogs, but only if a Czechoslovakian restaurant opens in your neighborhood.
46. Doest thou fall? Art thou hurt? Call Work Injury Resources at (213) 466-1058.
 47. Where am I? What are these?
48. Pity not the fallen! (What a great idea for a song title...) they are not my problem! I hate them, hate them, hate them! Torture them, destroy them, burn them,! Rip their throats open with dull knives, and -- whoops, there I go again.
49. I am Haddock, hear me roar, while I kill and maim the poor; they knew that I would get them in the end. (This is one of the nine to five; after work there is happy hour, wherein I am three sheets to the wind.)
50. Green am I, and pink in the weave of my shirt, yet the red lines are in my eyes, and the purple shadows under them.
51. I mean really purple; it is the light high as a mountain, tall as a tree. My toadie shall call this light "infrared," thus establishing his credentials to create a system of scientific illuminism.
52. There is some veal; that veal is black. It is the veal you bought for dinner three months ago; it is the veal that still lieth in the back of your refrigerator. Throw away this fuzzy specimen of mycology! Do this, and I shall reward thee with freedom from severe food poisoning. 53. Don't worry, kid, you won't regret writing this thing. You are perfectly OK, I swear it, and any minor discomfort you may feel is only temporary, and probably just psychosomatic anyway.
54. So your family, loved ones, friends, and everyone else you've ever respected think you've gone off the deep end? Big deal! You know who you can trust, right? The stops as thou wilt; the yields as prescribed by state law.
55. Thou shalt learn the entire English Alphabet; thou shalt learn to construct words therefrom.
 56. Laugh while you still can, mockers! They laughed at me at the University, but now, now I will show them! Ahahaha!
57. He that is righteous shall be righteous still, he that is filthy shall take a bath.
58. Don't go changing, to try to please me, I love you just the way you are. Perhaps that bum is a King who likes cheap red wine. A King can choose his refreshment as he will; the rabble cannot hide their poor taste.
59. Kill them all, and let Me sort them out!
60. Strike low, strike often; kick them when they're down, so they won't get up again!
61. There is a light before thine eyes, a light undesired, most annoying. Buy a new shade for your desk lamp.
62. Your chest hurts, and the roof is leaking. 63. Just breathing is an effort.
64. Oh! You let your guard down, we have you now: hail, hail, the gang's all here: prophet of a Nut! prophet of the Odd! Prophet of Bar-B-Que! Now rejoice, and party, and write trashy novels! 65. I am the Master; you will obey me.
66. Write and work, and find ecstasy in bed! Thrill with victory and agonize in defeat! Those who see your death shall be glad -- doesn't that make you feel just great? I love you so much I think I'll kill you. Cheer up! We're all in this together.
67. Hold! A little more to the left! Keep it up! Oh, for God's sake, don't pass out now!
 68. Harder! Faster! Oh! Oh! OH!!!
69. Whew! What do I feel? Am I exhausted? Not with this verse number, I'm not.
70. There are other ways, too. Wisdom says: be rich! Then canst thou afford more joy. Recrystallize thy rapture. If thou drink, don't drive, if thou love, do. If thou do aught joyous, don't get caught, and destroy all evidence.
71. But go for the gusto! 72. Grab more and more! Live fast, die young, leave a good-looking corpse.
73. Ah! Ah! Death! Death! Thou! Thou! Shalt! Shalt! Long! -- excuse me, I got stuck. Anyway, forget death.
74. Absence makes the Heart grow fonder. He who lives long and desires death much is obviously not very good at suicide.
75. Aha! Listen to the Secret Code Message:
76. 20-N-Z 6-B-17-M 3-M-2-N-3-M-3 16-6-C-15 18-14-N-11-5. What the Hell does that mean? You won't figure it out, that's for sure. Ten cometh after me; they shall read it, and weep. But remember -- even if you don't understand it, you can still tell it to your friends.
77. O be thou proud and macho and muscular, and the Castro shall be thine.
78. Thou art really something, a special kind of guy, truly head and shoulders above the crowd, a standout, one-of-a-kind. Thine head shall expand to encompass the stars. They shall worship thy name, and the number of thy beverage 202.
79. The end of the filet of Haddock, and so long to you, sucker. ___________________________


President Drakonian signed the once controversial "Federal Anti- Crime Act" into law today. The Act is intended to strengthen the Federal Government in its war on Crime, Drugs, Terrorism, and certain other problems by centralizing authority and eliminating legal loopholes. According to the Act, "Individuals suspected of committing certain acts, conspiring to commit certain acts, advocating or condoning the commission of certain acts, or associating with those who commit, conspire to commit, or advocate or condone the commission of certain acts, shall under the provisions of this law be subject to immediate arrest, conviction, and application of certain corrective and/or punitive measures..."
President Drakonian expressed praise for Congress and satisfaction with the new bill at a reception today before a gathering of the National Conservative Youth Front. Said the President:
 "This new measure will be a great help to us in our ongoing efforts to stop the most terrible threat in history to the American way of life, and to the values and institutions which have made this country what it is today. We applaud Congress's courage and vision in supporting our commitment to stem the rising tide of Crime and certain other problems, and to cut back on bureaucratic red tape. We also thank our good friends in the Supreme Court for their gracious assistance. Decent citizens across the country may rest a little easier in the certainty that the forces of Freedom, Justice and Security will now be able to operate without the hindrance of the needless and costly formalities of times past."
In spite of media predictions of widespread demonstrations, the government is not expecting any serious trouble; says Drakonian administration spokesman Peter Hammer. According to Hammer,
 "Under certain provisions of the Act, certain agencies are authorized to implement certain policies within a certain boundary of retroactivity. Under certain circumstances, special task forces may be created to expedite certain phases of said policies. Said circumstances were considered to be fulfilled when certain information was received through certain channels which linked certain individuals and organizations with certain other individuals and organizations known to be linked to violations of Law according to the provisions of the Act. Certain of said task forces were immediately created, and under the direction of certain officials, immediately carried out certain field operations. Said operations, through the effective utilization of certain methods and equipment, achieved desired results within the designated time period."

 Further details were not available.


Notes from the Editor-in-Chief

by Hagios Xao

The last quarter here at Hermes Camp has been an interesting period.

First off, just days after the last Breeze was mailed, the Xaos moved into a new home. Less than a month later, a large party was held at our new place for the First Day of the Writing of the Book of the Law. At that party, TahutiNet was unveiled. TahutiNet is a new computer "bulletin board" system run as an outreach activity of Hermes Camp. This BBS completes the downward pointing electronic triangle (with Tahuti at the apex, of course) of which BaphoNet in New York and ThelemaNet in Berkeley form the other two points. All three systems carry three "echo conferences," collectively called MAGICKNET, which connect Magick, Witchcraft, and Neo-Pagan oriented BBS systems across the country in one large message base. Also, the three OTO boards carry a special conference available only to OTO members. In addition, TahutiNet can be used to download an electronic version of the Breeze or to upload articles for future issues. The numbers for the OTO BBS systems are:

TahutiNet Eagle Rock, CA (213) 258-5724 ThelemaNet Berkeley, CA (415) 548-0163 BaphoNet New York, NY (718) 499-9227

This issue also marks a first for the Xao. My courageous wife, colloquially known as the UnderXao, has volunteered as my successor as Editor of the Breeze and has begun training "the hard way." (That means that she has single-handed about 80% of the work involved in producing this issue.) She has done a fine job at the formidable task of carrying on the Breeze tradition of high quality content and presentation. (At least we are not conceited!)


?: What is M...M...M...? I've never come across it. ?: What is the diamond-shaped symbol with 11 crosses which Crowley sometimes uses in front of his name? I have seen some ads for jewelry like this and wanted to know what it meant. ?: What is a Viceroy? Some of Crowley's letters to Germer refer to him as Crowley's Viceroy.

!: These three "hunchbacks" have been grouped together because they can all be answered, at least in part, by reference to one historic document. There exists a famous charter from Mercurius (James Thomas Windram), which most O.T.O. archivists have in their files. It has been a standard from which many current forms and certificates have been designed. It reads as follows:


Peace, Tolerance, Truth, Salutation on all points of the Triangle, respect to the Order.

Know all Men by these presents:- That the greatly honoured Brother James Thomas Windram Xo, Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander, Absolute Grand Patriarch, Sovereign Grand Master General and Viceroy for the Union of South Africa by virtue of his exalted office, and under the authority of a Patent conferred on him by the Grand Master Baphomet, dated Anno IX, Sun in 10o15'17" Capricorn Moon in 7o14'41" Pisces, does hereby authorize and empower Venerable and right worthy Frater Frank Bennett VIIo, and Venerable and right worthy Soror Veni Cooper Matheson VIIo, and those associated with them to constitute, hold and rule the _______ Lodge, No. 2 on the Register of the National Grand Council of the Ordo Templi Orientis for the Union of South Africa with the right to work the Grades of the M...M...M... Rite subject and according to the Constitution of the O.T.O. and M...M...M..., in the City of Sydney, N.S.W. Given in the name of the Grand Master Baphomet, and by order and under the hand and seal of His Excellency the Viceroy of the O.T.O. for the Union of South Africa this 15th day of November 1915 E.V." At the lower left, it is "Sealed, signed and delivered by us, Mercurius Xo." At the lower right we find: "In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand, L.M. Yardley VIIo, Sovereign Grand Secretary General, O.T.O., M...M...M..., Union of South Africa." Each prefixes his name with the 11-fold cross concerning which our correspondent has inquired. (1) M...M...M... stands for "Mysteria Mystica Maxima"; that is, the degrees from Minerval through Prince of the Royal Secret. (Beyond this, beginning with VIIo, is the O.T.O. proper.) Each of the old national sections of O.T.O. had its own name, such as Mysteria Mystica Veritas, Mysteria Mystica Aeterna, and Veritas Mystica Maxima. The British Order, under Crowley, was called Mysteria Mystica Maxima, as were all national branches springing directly from it. M...M...M... is thus roughly synonymous with what folks commonly call "Aleister Crowley's O.T.O.," the outer O.T.O. system (below VIIo) as descended through Crowley. It is no accident that the three initials enumerate to 120. (2) The so-called "Baphomet Cross" is a minor variation of a traditional Masonic insignia. One official O.T.O. instruction refers to it as, "the triple and eleven fold Cross in the invisible Diamond which a member of our Supreme Council prefixeth to his signature," linking it specifically to Supreme Council members. I have never seen it used in any source document except by a Grand Master, Grand Secretary, or Grand Treasurer. The female form has curved serifs (see Leah Bathurst's signature on p. 206 of the "Blue Equinox"). Ignorance of its true meaning has lead many to assume wrongly that it is a IXo cross; that it is a jewel for anyone in O.T.O.; etc. By traditional usage, it should be used only by the four Grand officers and their international counterparts. (3) There are two forms of Xo. Each type may hold the national administrative office called "Grand Master." One is a "Supreme & Holy King," appointed directly by the O.H.O. (the international O.T.O. head). The other is a "Viceroy" (Vice- King), appointed in special circumstances by a Xo who is not O.H.O. Windram was Xo Viceroy of the Union of South Africa, not Supreme & Holy King, because he was appointed by Xo Crowley (with O.H.O. Reuss' permission), and reported directly to Crowley. Similarly, C. S. Jones identified himself in one document as "PARZIVAL Xo O.T.O., Deputy Grand Master General of all English Speaking Countries, Viceroy of His Most Sacred Majesty BAPHOMET for the Dominion of Canada." Karl Germer was Xo Supreme & Holy King of Germany; but when he came to live in the U.S., we had a Supreme & Holy King, Wilfred Smith (per appointment by O.H.O. Crowley in 1932). Therefore, though Germer retained his degree, he was addressed in correspondence as Crowley's Viceroy. This gives a historic precedent for two Xo members living in one country, only one of whom is that nation's King, the other being a Viceroy of that King or of another. The title "Viceroy" should not be confused with Deputy ("Vice") Grand Master General.

Frater Iacchus

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