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The Zodiacal Round
by Benjamin Rowe

 Copyright 1990, 1992 Permission is granted to distribute this work in electronic form, with the these conditions:

1) No fees may be charged for the distribution or transmission of this document, other than standard charges for computer time, use of transmission lines or cost of electronic media. Distribution for commercial purposes or by commercial entities is specifically prohibited.

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3) Persons acquiring the electronic version of this document may make one printed copy for their personal use.

All other rights are retained by the author.

The Zodiacal Round

And God said: "The time has come to create again. Let the old forms be banished. I begin anew."



And God said: "I bind my will in patterns, ordered, cyclic, yet never the same. My Will evolves in Time." AOZPI


And God said: "The towers of My Will arise upon the base which I have set. Level upon level they rise. Well-founded are they in matter, and shall not fall while My Will continues to its end."



"Fabulous filigrees are wrapped about My towers by the ever- changing movements that My Will evokes. Filigree upon filigree; filigree within filigree; always similar, never identical, they blend the large movements with the small, the small with the infinitesimal, until scale is lost and none knows where ends and beginnings arise."



"From the blending of the scales does chance arise, the possibility of change and unexpectedness within the pattern of My Will. The seeds of new motions spontaneously arise; and none, not even I, know when and where they will appear."



"Yet My towers are one, balanced in the light and in the darkness; that which arises shall always act within the bounds set by My Will."



And God looked upon his work and said: "But these are virgin houses: none as yet have dwelt therein. Let the seeds of life be sown and let them root and grow within the patterns of My thought."



And God said: "Let the lesser creators dwell within my towers. And let them work within the patterns of My Will according to their own creative arts, revealing unseen potential as does a sun entering into a dark place."



"Let the living creatures worship the creators as visible gods within the worlds. And let the lesser builders work their wills as do My angels when I speak my Word of Power."



And God said: "Let the thoughts of men blend with My thoughts, and elaborate them in the worlds where I no longer go."



"And let their work build upon My pattern; and let their works reflect My evolving Will." HCTGA


"Let men work until matter and My Will are one. Then let them say: Thy Will is done."

Seer's Comments:

These brief sayings were given to the seer during an exploration of the Names of God for the Air Tablet. They are intended as meditations on the significance of the twelve Names of God within a system of attributes called the "Zodiacal Round". In this arrangement, the Names from each Tablet are assigned to a quarter of the zodiac centered on the fixed sign corresponding to the element of the Tablet. This puts the groups of names in the same relative positions as are their respective Tablets within the Great Table of the Watchtowers.

The Enochian "angels" have frequently dealt with zodiacal progressions in our previous contacts, but their earlier statements have always treated the progression in a more goal-oriented fashion. This is the first purely cyclic expression they have provided. Like Finnegans Wake it never actually ends, but curves back to begin again.

This is the second full set of zodiacal attributes the angels have given me for the Names of God. The first set were provided in connection with the techniques described in the chapbook Enochian Temples. In that set, the Three Names for each element were assigned respectively to the mutable, fixed, and cardinal signs of that element. A quote provides the angels' perspective on the question of how these two sets of attributes interact:

"Now we would go in the way that you wish, and show the powers of the individual squares, but you should be aware that the groups of squares making up one of the Three Names have their attribute (as a group) to one of the signs, and these are of more power in most instances than the power of the individual squares.

"The Name ORO has its dual attributes to Pisces in the round of the zodiac, and to Gemini in the construction of the Temples of God's Will. The knife or sword of Zayin was shown in yesterday's brief vision as cutting the cord between the fishes of Pisces. Hence in that vision we showed how the two sets of attributes relate.

"First one encounters the attribute from the zodiacal round. As the mind flies higher, then the attribute of the Temple is encountered. In the course of initiation, the knowledge of the latter grows, is formed out of, the experience of the former. Much in the way that the knife of Air in the last vision was formed out of the tin of Jupiter and the copper of Venus, who are ruler and exalted planet of Pisces."

"In the initiatory progression, one goes from the sign, the most basic attribute, to the power of the ruling and exalted planets, to the Temple attribute, to the ruling and exalted planets of the Temple sign. This may seem complex, but the powers embodied in the Tablets are a reflection of the powers of the universe, and the universe is a very complex place on all levels."

This shift of attributes can be viewed in two ways. First, as a transformation from a condition in which the zodiacal quadruplicities dominate, to one in which the zodiacal triplicities dominate. Second, as a ninety-degree shift in the positions of the mutable and cardinal signs, counterclockwise for mutable, clockwise for cardinal.

The angels state in another place that movement of the powers through these various attributes produces two circular flows in the Great Table of the Watchtowers. In both cases, the power represented by the "Temple" attribute flows into the name whose Zodiacal Round attribute is the same. For example, the powers of ORO flow in the way quoted above, then the power flows into the Name MOR in the Earth Tablet, which has Gemini as its Zodiacal Round attribute. The powers of the fixed signs flow in both directions, since their attributes in both sets is the same.

When using these attributes in invocations, the angels specify that the Zodiacal Round is to be used in invocations of the angels of the Lesser Angles, and in invocations involving the use of the Second Call. The "Temple" attributes are to be used in invocations of the Kings and Seniors, and those involving the use of the First Call.

The powers of the Three Names are concentrated and formed into a vortex by the King of the Tablet. The King connects with the Names primarily through the first letter and the last two letters of his name. These letters all come from the four-letter Name of God, which is attributed to the element of the Tablet in both arrangements. So no matter which set is used, the powers of the Three Names are funneled a sign of the appropriate elemental character when they are used in invocations of the lower powers of the Tablets.

For those who wish use these sayings for meditation, it should be emphasized that the symbolism is almost purely astrological, with some admixture of Tarot. Formulations based on the Tree of Life are not present.

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Published on: 2005-08-21 (4096 reads)

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