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One of our most popular reports is the Lifepath and Destiny Report. If you would like to sample this revealing report for yourself simply click on the link below. This will enable you to gain exclusive access to the first part of your personal astrology report for free and give you an idea of what your report will contain.

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Talent does what it can; genius does what it must.
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  Six Principles of Magic
1. Every magician has a beautiful vision for the world.
2. Every system of magic is a single artists tool, used to reshape reality.
3. If you believe, it shall exist.
4. When you call, they will answer.
5. Success and failure, is one and the same: ignorance and depression is the enemy.
6. Be like all equally, and you shall unite; refuse and separate.

by Dalamar
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Multiple Translations

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· History of the Tablet
· Translations From Jabir ibn Hayyan.
· Another Arabic Version (from the German of Ruska, translated by 'Anonymous').
· Twelfth Century Latin
· Translation from Aurelium Occultae Philosophorum..Georgio Beato
· Translation of Issac Newton c. 1680.
· Translation from Kriegsmann (?) alledgedly from the Phoenician
· From Sigismund Bacstrom (allegedly translated from Chaldean).
· From Madame Blavatsky
· From Fulcanelli (translated from the French by Sieveking)
· From Fulcanelli, new translation
· From Idres Shah
· Hypothetical Chinese Original
· General
· Translation of same source, made c. 1485.

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The Book of THOTH

The Mysteries of the Tarot, Crowley, Magick and Egypt revealed at The Book of THOTH